Measurement and verification

Generate carbon offset certificates to support project payback periods or retire for carbon abatement

Bundled together, our services provide a complete measurement and verification process that delivers carbon offset certificates for your projects, with minimal input from the customer.

We maximise value by considering all key program parameters at the feasibility study stage and using them as a framework to deliver an end-to-end measurement and verification program.


Feasibility and certificate estimation

  • Understand project eligibility requirements in each region
  • Estimate the number of carbon offset certificates that are generated for your project
  • Certificate price spot value and futures contract modelling

Forward contract management

  • Manage certificate price volatility
  • Minimsie exposure through hedging
  • Secure forward contracts to lock in certificate price

Pre-construction modelling and planning

  • Select optimal measurement and verification program pathway
  • Develop baseline energy usage and statistical modelling
  • Create measurement and verification reporting framework and documentation
  • Align international and local standards with regulatory requirements


  • Monitor the progress of your energy project savings and certificate creation process

Carbon offset calculation and reporting

  • Utilise data to model energy project savings
  • Report on energy savings utilising reportable framework

Registration and trade of certificates

  • Use project evidence to claim carbon savings through regulatory body
  • Register carbon offset certificates
  • Trade carbon offset certificates on the spot market or through hedge

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Carbon Offset Schemes and Certificates

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