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At Metimur Energy, sustainability and customers go hand in hand​

Our purpose is to reduce the energy and carbon footprint of organisations by delivering impact-oriented advice, consulting, engineering and projects that bring short-term energy performance improvement and long term sustainable business practices.

Our commitment is to work closely with our customers to help them succeed in their sustainability ambitions by supporting them through the full life of their sustainability journey – from target setting, carbon neutral planning and engineering through to financing, accounting and project delivery.

Our promise

Safety is embedded into our culture and core to how we operate as a business

Sustainability means delivering high quality results to customers while minimising our impact on the natural environment

We collaborate to build trusted, long term relationships

Excellence in delivery for high quality, safe and efficient solutions


For Metimur Energy, sustainability means delivering high quality results to customers while eliminating our impact on the natural environment. That’s why we have undertaken the UN Climate Neutral Now pledge to reduce our carbon impact to 0, and are undergoing our Climate Active certification as an organisation.

Our Own UN Climate Neutral Now

Metimur Energy has undertaken the UN Climate Neutral Now Pledge


Nicklas Lindewald

General Manager
CMVP®, Chemical Engineer (MSc), & Project Manager (MBA)

Nicklas is highly experienced in all Australia’s key Energy Efficiency Schemes including VIC VEU and NSW ESS including M&V schemes.

He is very passionate about achieving real energy reduction for our commercial clients. When it comes to Energy Efficiency, Renewables and net zero he subscribes to the motto “Reduction before Production before Off-sets”. He is equally passionate about setting up smart quality processes that minimises pain and maximises gain when assisting clients to participate in the energy efficiency schemes.

He enjoys sharing his trademark “rainbow pivot charts” that visualizes 0-24 hr, monthly and year on year electricity NMI consumption data with our clients for them to better understand their past and current energy usage and the opportunities for savings available. These charts are also effective for finding the optimal baseline and operating periods to maximise client’s M&V rebate. As a chemical engineer he has a good understanding of all major energy saving technologies including heat pumps and can review performance data with suppliers and explain results to clients.

Nicklas was the very first professional M&V to be both IPART and VEU accredited. He was also the first M&V Professional to sign off a VEU PBA project. He enjoys sharing his M&V skills at All Energy and other professional energy forums.

Mark Ferguson


Mark has over 30 years of energy, infrastructure and telecommunications industry experience, including executive roles at Transurban, Powerdirect and AGL. He has held the directorship role for over 10 years at Packleader Group, an international diversified services company.

He holds a Bachelor of Politics and Geography from Flinders University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Australia.

Scott Hancox


Scott has over 25 years of energy and telecommunications industry experience, including directorship roles at Packleader Group, an international diversified services company.

He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Applied Science from RMIT University.

Vraj Shah

Service Manager and Mechanical Engineer

Vraj has 3 years of experience in project management and services delivery in renewable energy sector. He has delivered projects related to energy efficiency prides himself on effective communication.

He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Gujarat Technological University, India and a Master of Engineering Management from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Abdul Ahad

Compliance Engineer and Project Manager

Abdul Ahad has more than 3 years of experience working in the Sustainability and renewable energy sectors. He completed his Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University in India before completing his Master of Advanced Engineering in Renewable and Sustainable Energy from Monash University.

With his career and studies spanning across Australia, the Middle-East, and South Asia, he has developed a global outlook and cross-cultural understanding of the way we generate and utilize energy, and how best to help clients improve their energy efficiency.



Marcela Garcia

Mechanical Engineer

Marcela Garcia is a Mechanical Engineer with over 4 years of experience delivering energy-saving projects in the commercial industry.

She is highly experienced in Australia’s key Energy Efficiency Schemes, including VIC VEU and NSW ESS LED commercial lighting, with a strong focus on continuously learning and staying up-to-date in the field. She is currently also learning and expanding her skills in M&V (Measurement and Verification) schemes.

She has an excellent track record of delivering successful energy efficiency projects and a passion for sustainability and environmental impact.



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