Metimur Certificate Aggregation Services

Metimur takes the pain and uncertainty out of certificate creation on your upgrade projects, all the way from an initial quote to working as a team putting together the required evidence pack that ticks the compliance boxes but nothing else. We are the only aggregator that focuses on not burden your contractors with unnecessary hoops, forms and drawing work so they can focus on their installations and keeping your customers happy.

We have two different services

Direct contractor full-service

– where we only require a minimum input, few photos and a couple of signatures at the end from your contractors and project managers and create most of the docs and drawings ourselves. We act as the upgrade manager. We also provide extensive product selection guidance and matching and can connect you with the leading suppliers, wholesalers and lighting designers as required. Every project is quoted with a fee automatically calculated from the size and complexity of the project; more certificates mean smaller fee per certificate.

Contract self-service

-where you fill in the data on site in the Dataforce Runabout app and your PM or contractor act as the upgrade manager. We can still provide lots of guidance on product selection and regulatory curve balls.


We operate in the following energy efficiency schemes

Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) creating VEECs

NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) creating ESCs and the new demand PRCs

Where hot water schemes allows we also take care of the STCs in the same app as you use to create the VEECs or ESCs.

For larger nation-wide energy reduction projects and rollouts, we can also manage the creation of ACCUs for you.

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