Energy measurement

Meter your critical assets and facilities to enable control of your energy

Our energy measurement services are tailored to provide seamless metering solutions that meet current needs, provide additional functionality and are compatible with future facility and asset expansion plans.

We help out customers understand and manage their energy use through advanced metering solutions linking hardware and software across hundreds of metered points.



  • Understand the best metering solution for your facility and assets
  • Understand upcoming technology and functionality improvements
  • Estimate capital works and operational expense budgets

Engineering and Installation

  • Audit switchboard information to optimise capital expenditure
  • Program software to facility or asset requirements
  • Install hardware on desired assets


  • Link metering assets together to enable portfolio insights
  • Actively monitor facilities and assets, or ask Metimur Energy to do it for you
  • Receive alerts to notify key stakeholders of energy events
  • Visualize your fleet energy use in real time
  • Receive revenue grade insight

Control and automation

  • Coordinated asset response to shifting loads and demand spikes
  • Synchronise demand loads with solar and battery output
  • Shut down loads over critical periods using relays

Energy sharing

  • Share energy between facilities or NMIs