Round 2 of Energy Efficiency Grants!

Federal Energy Efficiency Grants totaling $41.2 million to fund energy efficient equipment upgrades kicking off in Victoria on 22 Feb with other states to follow in the week ahead.
Eligible small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for a grant of up to $25,000, to cover up to 100% of eligible expenditure. Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis for each state, so act promptly.

Who is this for and what upgrades are available?

Who is this for and what upgrades are available?
This grant opportunity is for SMEs with an employee headcount of 1 to 199 employees.
Eligible SMEs can apply for grants to upgrade or replace inefficient technologies or fund activities in the following focus areas:

  • Heat pumps
  • Lighting
  • Energy audits and energy management
  • Energy monitoring
  • Power supply
  • Process automation and controls
  • Reconfiguring/optimizing processes
  • Upgrades to motors, including for compressors, pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and blowers
  • Building fabric upgrades
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Compressed air improvements
  • Water heating
  • Other process heating, cooling, drying and pumping improvements.

For any assistance scoping and getting a quote for your project and applying for this grant, please reach out to:

Detailed information is accessible on the Business Grants Hub Portal.

Metimur provides services to reduce the energy and carbon footprint of organizations by delivering impact-oriented advice, consulting, engineering and projects that bring short-term energy performance improvement and long term sustainable business practices. Metimur also provides full aggregation services for the NSW and VIC certificate aggregation schemes, ESS and VEU.
Metimur’s sister company is Green Home Green Planet. GHGP and Metimur often collaborates to deliver projects and upgrades to clients.
Metimur and GHGP are part of the Packleader group.
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